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 Past Member of the Scottish Mediation Register

Honorary Lecturer at the University of Dundee

Why use Mediation Scotland?

In short - we have lots of international experience in business and in mediation, we're reliable and our fees are reasonable.

Marjorie is a past Scottish Mediation Registered Mediator.

Marjorie Mantle LLB (University of Queensland, Australia)

Marjorie chose to move to Scotland in 1996 after work in Australia, Singapore, New Zealand and the United States. She has since worked with businesses throughout the UK and run a number of management programmes in Europe.

With more than 35 years in the business world, Marjorie has considerable experience with both large and small companies. As well as having run her own business, she worked with Mobil Oil Australia for 13 years in areas such as franchising, marketing, business planning, real estate and product pricing. A few years after moving to Edinburgh, Marjorie was appointed Director of Company Growth for Lothian & Edinburgh Enterprise Limited. In this role she managed a large team who worked with small to medium sized businesses (SMEs) in Lothian. Marjorie then became General Manager (based in Scotland) of an international company which brought world-class expertise into SMEs.

Marjorie has run a Court commercial mediation service, and set up and managed the mediation service for complaints about Scottish lawyers. She has undertaken over 300 mediations and is a past Board member of the Scottish Mediation Network.

In 2008 Marjorie was appointed Honorary Lecturer at the University of Dundee School of Law. In the same year she was nominated for the Law Awards' "Mediator of the Year".

Marjorie is the author of "Mediation - A Practical Guide for Lawyers". This comprehensive handbook provides lots of useful tips, helpful checklists and tools to prepare for mediation. Marjorie is currently studying for her arbitration qualification and for interest, recently completed a course in psychology.

Mediation Scotland also has a number of associates who bring expertise from a variety of backgrounds, such as
  • health care
  • housing
  • residential & commercial property development
  • higher education



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